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Accessibility, Extensions & Special Exam Arrangements

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Life as a graduate student can be challenging. Here at St Antony’s we want to enhance your student experience and support you through the ups and downs of student life. Below are two key points of contact: the College Academic Office for welfare and academic needs and the University Disability Advisory Service. 

For the entire College Welfare Staff as well as additional information about disability support, mental health, medical services, and more, please see the College welfare page as well as the Frequently Asked Questions page. 

College Academic Office

Filiz McNamara, Head of Academic Office (she/her) 

+44 1865 284722


Filiz is the College Welfare Lead and offers a wealth of experience in student support & wellbeing. She has responsibility for all areas of the student experience, welfare and discipline. If you have any concerns or need guidance with any academic, health or personal matters which impact your studies, please don’t hesitate to make an appointment.

Disability Advisory Services 

3 Worcester Street, Oxford, OX1 2BX

+44 1865 280459


The DAS in the university-wide support service for students with disabilities. Please register directly with the DAS to access support that meets your particular needs. 

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