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Our Events

Anyone can propose an event! 

Just get in touch!


Formal Dinners

Formals are back up and running! Look forward to more in MT2022! 

Usually: three formals and three exchange dinners a term 

Formal Dinners: 6.30pm at the CCR 

Exchange Dinners: 6pm at the Porter's Lodge


Formal Dinners take many different forms, but no matter the College, these have a special place in academic and social life at Oxford. At St Antony's, our Formal Hall is student-run, and so we try to have as much fun as possible on these fancy occasions several times a term. The evening usually begins with a champagne reception in the CCR and ends in our beloved Late Bar. It is a fantastic opportunity to dress up and enjoy the company of fellow Antonians, guests and members from visiting colleges. An exquisite dinner, wine, music and a heightened sense of energy in the Hall make these truly, nights to be remembered.


Exchange Dinners with other Colleges similarly have a long tradition at Oxford. It is a great way to meet members of other Colleges in a more intimate setting and have a peek into their dining halls and College life.


Stay tuned for our HalloQueen BOP in October 2022!

"BOP's, another one of those Oxford words, are essentially huge parties which entail lots of dancing and fun! These are definitely the biggest social events at St. Antony's and usually take place twice a term. St Antony's is renowned for its annual HalloQueen BOP, for which we invite talented performers! 


Language Immersion Nights

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St Antony's is the proud host of the Oxford Language Immersion Nights - an informal conversation practice in any one of the languages offered by our proficient student volunteers. Languages offered in the past have included Mandarin, French, Korean, Arabic, German, Indonesian, Malay, Czech, Bengali and more. 

Usually runs every Wednesday evening in the Buttery, Hilda Besse Building.



Jolly Good Fellows 
Lecture Series

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We introduce you to the academic fellows at St Antony’s and the fascinating topics they’re investigating.


In the last event, Prof. Diego Sánchez-Ancochea presented his book

The Costs of Inequality in Latin America: Lessons and Warnings for the Rest of the World (Bloomsbury, 2020).


Check Facebook for announcements.

Welfare Tea

We’ve broken the mold of our usual weekly tea and cake meet-up. Instead we’re putting our purse at your disposal for a sweet treat at every true Antonian’s favourite neighbourhood spot in North Parade Ave. Check your mail or get in touch if you’ve missed it!


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