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Oxford Pubs


When in Oxford...

Sometimes people think that Oxford and Cambridge are very similar, however there is a big difference between these two university towns: PUBS. Oxford is famous for its pubs and some of the academic culture can revolve around visiting the range of quaint and historical buildings.

Here is a list of the top 10 pubs in Oxford as recommended by one of our students

  1. The Victoria– Great pub right by college; cute and cozy atmosphere and some quality pies! Named after the greatest queen ever.

  2. The Bear – Claims to be the oldest pub in Oxford, has a good weekly pub quiz; famous for having lots of random neckwear affixed to the wall.

  3. The King’s Arms - Also claims to be the oldest pub in Oxford; slightly more expensive but very large and with a great selection of ales; has outdoor seating for the nicer days.

  4. Old Bookbinders – a quirky pub tucked away in the back of Jericho; great beer, great atmosphere.; the Harcourt Arms is also another nice Jericho option with its mismatched furniture and lit fireplaces

  5. The Perch– Located in port meadow, this place has good food and great views; wonderful place to sit outside in good weather; the Trout is a similar type of establishment, a little deeper into Port Meadow on the water.

  6. White Rabbit– this pub is always packed and with a lively crowd; they serve the best pizza in Oxford (except for the pizza van truck); don’t miss out!

  7. The Rose and Crown – Just on North Parade, this pub is super close to college and has outdoor seating (with heaters); supposedly Thom Yorke of Radiohead hangs out there; good place to hit up after a seminar

  8. Jericho Tavern – This pub doubles as a gig scene: Supergrass and Radiohead played there for the first time; it’s a Jericho classic.

  9. The Mad Hatter–supposedly you have to answer a riddle to get in to this Cowley pub; Alice and Wonderland themed—tea shop meets pub.

  10. The Rickety Press – a phenomenal gastropub tucked away in a quiet corner of Jericho; there’s nothing rickety about this place.

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