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Motions & Resolutions

Passed or rejected during Committee meetings


Our Constitution

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Read College Code of Practice here

Our constitution regulates how we operate as a student organisation and outlines how we keep each other accountable and work transparently. The constitution also stipulates all the rules and regulations concerning GCR Meetings and the elections.

How to File a Motion

Click here to download our document with tips

Deadlines for motions are 72h before a meeting


Motions are the formal way in which we introduce new ideas or requests to the GCR. It is always good practice to talk to somebody in the Committee (preferably the secretary or chair) before the meeting. Please send any motions to the Secretary 72 hours before the meeting to


November 27, 2019: GCR unanimously passes a motion requesting transparency on Schwarzmann-donation

The GCR meeting on November 27th, 2019 unanimously passed a motion requesting the University of Oxford to (1) release details of the vetting process of Schwarzmann's £150 donation, (2) demonstrate a transparent ethical framework for donations and (3) disclose information on Mr. Schwarzmann's ongoing influence on the Centre.

Find the full text of the motion here.

February 5, 2020: GCR demands vegetarian day at the canteen and further action for the environment

Environmental action can not be left to politics only! The GCR demands measures by the college to lower the environmental footprint of St Antony's.
Amongst others, the demanded steps include a vegetarian day at the canteen, the reduction of the number of meat options in the daily menu and the provision of a food compost bin for college housing.

Find the full text of the motion here.

February 5, 2020: GCR supports UCU strikes in HT 2020

The GCR of St Antony's stands in solidarity with the Strike of the UCU and encourages students to not cross the picket lines on strike days and to attend rallies by the UCU.

Find the full text of the motion here.

Room Reservations

Click here to download the event booking form

Forms must be submitted at least one week in advance


Members of the GCR and student groups at St Antony's may reserve rooms in the college for events. Events require approval from the Domestic Bursar and other members of the college administration, as well as a member of the GCR executive. Please contact the Domestic Bursar or Accommodations Officer with further questions about the reservation process.

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